Christmas Moss

Christmas Moss
Christmas Moss

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Selaginella Wallichi is another species of Selaginella that is similar to African Club Moss but grows much larger in size and in a different style. This particular species grows sporadically and will spread throughout the entire enclosure if left to grow without pruning. Like other terrarium plants, Selaginella Wallichi shouldn't be completely submerged but does love staying moist with good levels of humidity. Soil thickness should be a few inches as Spike Moss will root fairly deep once it takes off. As long as it is kept out of direct lighting and the previous conditions are provided, it is typically forgiving and easy to care for. Spike moss is durable and great for livestock that tends to get rowdy in their enclosures!
  • Vesicularia Montagnei Christmas Moss easily wraps aquascaping rocks or driftwood to create an aged look, and is enjoyed by enthusiasts of all skill levels.
  • Commonly used in breeding projects and can provide valuable coverage for fry, and can be used for multiple purposes in a planted tank.
  • Most commonly, Christmas Moss is typically used to wrap aquascaping rocks or aquarium driftwood but can also be left free floating.
  • Easy care plant; it has low to medium light requirements, does not require additional Co2, can be grown under a wide range of aquarium conditions.
  • Ships as a golfball size portion or large cup.