50 Single Use Face Masks

50 Single Use Face Masks

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50 masks per pack. Please read the following very carefully.

Key Features:
1. Breathable filtration
2. Liquid/Fluid resistant
3. Added barrier against dust, air pollutants, and other harmful particles
4. Reduce exposure to contamination
5. 50 masks per pack

First, I'd want to make it clear that these masks are not for medical use and are not designed to completely filter out viruses (COVID, Flu, etc.). We regularly use these masks in a quick pinch when we package our sands and gravels, and sometimes while preparing aquatic plants as they help keep out both dust and splashing water.

These are not N95 or KN95 masks. If you're looking for KN95, we have a small supply of these that you're welcome to order. Both types are in stock and can ship along with your regular order out of our Los Angeles facility. 

Shipping is free. Thank you and stay safe.