MK-Breed Life Balls - Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp Water Conditioner (Cyanobacteria Inhibitor)

Water Conditioners MK-Breed Life Balls - Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp Water Conditioner (Cyanobacteria Inhibitor)

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For those individuals that have freshwater dwarf shrimp, they know that shrimp can be very delicate animals to keep. To address this, MK-BREED Life Balls were created to add essential minerals to aquarium water, facilitate healthy bacteria growth, suppress cyanobacteria growth, and to help maintain a stable pH environment. Although originally intended for use in freshwater dwarf shrimp aquaria, the benefits of Life Balls can be applied to other aquarium ecosystems as well.

A bit more about its original use. There are many species of freshwater dwarf shrimp; however, Caridina cantonensis, also known as Crystal Shrimp or Crystal Bee Shrimp, is notoriously known to be extremely sensitive to water conditions and requires specific water parameters to thrive. Because of this, most shrimp keepers use reverse osmosis ("RO") filtered water for their Crystal Shrimp aquarium. The problem though is that RO water has had essential minerals removed from it.

Made with over 30 different minerals, MK-BREED Life Balls are designed to help add minerals back to RO water. It is important to note, however, that Life Balls are meant as a supplement, not an alternative to water remineralizers. 

Life Balls are porous, serving as colonization sites for healthy bacteria and other microbes. They also function as cyanobacteria inhibitors. MK-BREED Life Balls can be placed either directly in your aquarium or in your filter. The product has a guaranteed analysis of Tourmaline, Maifanite, and more than 30 different minerals.