Mk-Breed Z-Silver Powder Aquarium Water Conditioner (Nitrogen Cycle Promoter) for Freshwater Shrimp

Water Conditioners Mk-Breed Z-Silver Powder Aquarium Water Conditioner (Nitrogen Cycle Promoter) for Freshwater Shrimp

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Caridina cantonensis, Crystal Shrimp or Crystal Bee Shrimp, are freshwater dwarf shrimp that are extremely sensitive to water conditions such as ammonia and ammonia-based waste concentrations. To address this, MK-BREED created Z-Silver Powder, a product used during aquarium setup that kickstarts the development of healthy bacteria essential to the Nitrogen Cycle. 

Waiting for the Nitrogen Cycle to establish in an aquarium, commonly referred to as "cycling," establishes a colony of good bacteria which break down ammonia and other harmful toxins in an aquarium. In most aquaria, the two main areas with the greatest surface area for growing healthy Nitrogen Cycle bacteria are the substrate and the filter. Leveraging this fact, Z-Silver powder is meant to be placed in both areas.

It's important to note that aquariums will naturally "cycle;" however, because Crystal Shrimp are extremely sensitive, the goal is to overcompensate. The importance of this process cannot be overstated, especially when attempting to establish a tank for Caridina cantonensis. 

MK-BREED Z-Silver Powder is fortified with nitrifying bacteria and probiotics. It facilitates the removal of nitrite, nitrate, and other toxins from aquarium water and helps break down organic material from leftover food and fish/shrimp waste. This product speeds up the cycling process, stabilizes algae growth, and increases dissolved oxygen in the water. It contains nitrobacter, nitrifying bacteria, Bacillus subtitis natto, Lactobacillus faecalis, photosynthetic bacteria and other beneficial bacteria and probiotics. 

Although originally intended for use in Crystal Red Shrimp tanks, Z-Silver Powder can be used in all freshwater dwarf shrimp aquaria; the benefits of establishing a strong Nitrogen Cycle can be applied to your other aquarium inhabitants.