Nesaea Pedicellata Golden

Nesaea Pedicellata Golden
Nesaea Pedicellata Golden

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Hygrophila Angustifolia is an easy to grow plant that has long and narrow leaves growing from a tall stem.  This plant is suitable for the background plant and is great for absorbing excess waste and nutrients thanks to its fast growing nature.
  • Needle Leaf Ludwigia Arcuata is an easy plant to keep that adds movement and color to the aquarium.
  • Small, round, pointed red or green leaves; looks great in the midground or background of your tank.
  • High lighting and nutrients along with a higher iron content will bring out more red tones in the plant.
  • Easy care plant; it has medium light requirements, can benefit from regular fertilization, and does not require additional Co2.
  • Ships 5-10" tall rooted in cotton which should be removed prior to planting.